Certified Montessori Teachers

How are our teachers certified?

All of our teachers and our director are certified from Association of Montessori Internationale

Why AMI?

Association of Montessori Internationale is the oldest Montessori training school in the world. The school was originally started by the Montessori family to teach Maria Montessori’s methods. We feel that teachers who possess training licenses from this school most closely follow the true philosophy of Montessori. When considering other schools it is important to ask where the teachers are certified. There are many new Montessori certifications  that do not include onsite teacher training and instead are conducted 100% online. We feel that while technology has brought many great advances to our society, nothing properly prepares you for being in a classroom like hands on experience through observation, classroom practicums, and student teaching.

Georgia Accrediting Commission


What is the Georgia Accrediting Commission?

The Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC)  provides an accreditation process designed to establish and uphold standards, to strengthen the quality of education in each school, and to assure its membership and the general public that the established standards are related to the best educational practices.

Specifically, GAC establishes standards and procedures to carry out the accreditation process. GAC also determines the accreditation status of the educational program of each school and publishes an annual list of schools with accredited programs.  The GAC Executive Director issues certificates for those schools and agencies Provisionally Accredited, Accredited Annually, Accredited, Accredited Fully and Accredited With Quality.

Why do we use it?

We use the Georgia Accrediting Commission to validate that our school provides not only the best Montessori education, but also the best education overall. The standards set forth from the GAC are specific and stringent for all schools. We are proud that Ivy League Montessori School has been “Accredited With Quality”, their highest recognition, for many years.