Staff Member Details

Liz Butler

Owner/Director of Admissions

Liz Butler was a parent of two Ivy League Montessori students before officially working at the school. She spent 3 years as the president of the ILMS PTO which helped her transition into the role of Director of Admissions and Marketing in 2013. In 2016, as Diane and Joe Basco retired, Liz purchased the school. As the owner of school Liz feels that the history and stability of the staff is one of the greatest assets. She loves all of her staff, parents and children as though they were a part of her own family.

Professionally, Liz has a background in non-profit management. Her work with Girl Scouts of the USA included working with girls in detention settings, girls with incarcerated mothers, as well as traditional and non-traditional Girl Scout troops.


Apart from her duties to the PTO and Ivy League Montessori School, Liz is a busy mother of two boys. With both boys now in Upper Elementary, their Ivy League Montessori journey is almost complete. “It’s very apparent the depth of knowledge that my children have in all areas of their education. They did not learn information just to repeat it on a test. They live it, it’s part of them. This kind of learning is irreplaceable.”